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Messi: 'I should have gone to the psychologist'

Sun 03 January 2021 | 11:51

Lionel Messi has uncovered that he understands he should see a therapist, however never has. Marca outlet have investigated who that analyst could be


should have gone to the psychologist but I never went,” the Argentinian told in a recent interview. “Why? I don’t know. It’s hard for me to take that step despite knowing that I need to. I’m a person that keeps everything to myself and don’t share it, so I never took that step.”

They determine that the person who should have treated Messi is

Imma Puig

, Barcelona's therapist for as long as 15 seasons. She attended

Andres Iniesta

, just as other Barcelona players when in the times of his depression. 

Quite a bit of Puig's work is revolved around empowering general society to see that football players are people most importantly, not only machines that exist to amuse the public. 

“[A footballer] has exactly the same problems as everyone else,” she’s written. “With one difference: they work in a shop window. Everyone has the opportunity to criticise, to know what they earn, to comment on their private life.”

Other prominent figures in the Spanish game, for example, Spain national team head manager Luis Enrique have been open about looking for help from experts and psychiatrists, especially after his daughter passed away at the age of 9. 

By being straightforward, they help eliminate the shame, and nothing would be more useful in such a manner than probably the best footballer to have ever played the game sharing his thoughts. 

Considering that psychologists can assist reprieve with bringing down the figure of the superhuman champion, maybe it very well may be a commonly gainful relationship.



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source: SportMob