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We have to draw inspiration for our old team - Wilder

Sun 03 January 2021 | 11:33

Sheffield's failures are endless, and the Blades boss wants his players to be influenced by their old team.

Sheffield United

boss Chris Wilder has called on his players to take inspiration from a team that had a poor start 30 years ago but was finally able to stay in the league.

Last night's 2-0 defeat to Crystal Palace set the record for the most extended failure to win the Premier League title for Sheffield United. They have gained just 2 points from their 17 league games and have gone through a process similar to the 1990-91 season. At that time, under Dave Bassett's leadership, the newly promoted Blades failed to win 16 games, but suddenly their course changed, and they finished in 13th place. Wilder now asked his players to take inspiration from Sheffield's team at that time.

He told reporters:

“It has to come from within. It’s not going to come from outside, it’s got to come from players finding a big moment, a big half of football and finding a big result.

“The 17th game of that season 30 years ago it was similar. They were tight games and without looking at the record books I can’t imagine they were games where we were blasted out the water.

“There was a togetherness which we’re seeing still to compete and do their best, but obviously it takes a hit with every game that goes by without that result. That group were tight, which they are now, and got that one win which set them off and it’s as basic as that.

“People are looking at everything from what the changing room’s like to the attitude, the selection, everything, and I get that. I understand criticism.

“It comes with one big moment, one big performance, one big result as it did in that period 30 years ago which resulted in the team winning a few games in the second half of the season. That’s all we have to look for.”



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