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Lampard: Havertz has not fully recovered from COVID-19

Sun 03 January 2021 | 7:28

The Blues boss has called for patience over his team’s young star as he continues to display weak performances.

Having left

Bayer Leverkusen

with a £70 million deal,

Kai Havertz



in the summer transfer window. The 21-year-old’s performances have failed to fulfill expectations from him and he has been under fire for his lack of impact on Chelsea’s game. Ahead of Chelsea’s Sunday clash against Manchester City,

Frank Lampard

has revealed that the German midfielder is yet to recover completely from his COVID-19 battle and is not at his best physical form. 

 "Just as Kai was just coming to terms with the Premier League and he had some really good performances with us he got Covid and he had Covid quite severely as I think people are really starting to open up about now,

"I have read a few things recently about how much people can suffer with it now. Some people are asymptomatic. He definitely has had a bit of a fallout with that physically and I speak with him a lot and we know that. It is something we are trying to help him to deal with.

"Yeah, the expectation around him you have to put context into the story. Kai’s talent is undoubted. I see that every day. Giving him the time to adapt to the Premier League and to our team is crucial.

"We have seen players come here in the past, didn’t really adapt, went elsewhere and come back to the Premier League and absolutely lit it up to unbelievable levels. I am not trying to compare Kai directly with that but there are so many stories across the Premier League, not just 



"I have full belief in him. We need to give him that time, particularly because of the Covid situation, that is a problem. That is not a non-issue; it is an issue that is related beyond his illness."

Lampard is aware of the challenge for the player to adapt himself to a different atmosphere.


"Transferring leagues to a game that is fast and physical week in week out, every three days is a big ask and not something that should be expected just because we paid this amount for you or you are an international or your age or how many goals and assists you made,

"You can’t take anything as a given in that sense. I thought that with Kai anyway and I was there to help him, I am there to help him when he came. I was excited to take on that challenge with him of how this league is going to be different.

"Let’s see how you can adapt because your talents are going to be different in a really positive way and help us. The one thing I certainly know as a coach is that I can rely on is my personal experience when it mirrors up slightly.

"I know I had to do extra work myself. Kai is different to me. Particularly with the knockback of Covid now we have to give him time to do the extra work now and it will make him stronger in the end. And remember he is a young player and he needs time."

source: SportMob