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Alex Dyer blames Danny Rogers’ poor judgment

Sat 02 January 2021 | 23:31

Kilmarnock boss Alex Dyer blamed Danny Roger’s lack of judgment as his own goal earned St Mirren a late 1-1 draw at Kilmarnock.

Danny Whitehall

had given the home side the lead in the first half on Saturday afternoon.


clutched a deflected cross from Kyle McAllister and then appeared to step backward over his line with the ball in his hands.



“Overall this season Danny has done really well for us and it’s maybe just a lack of judgment


“He’s maybe caught between whether to punch it or catch it. He went to catch it and then his momentum took him back and the ball went over the line. I’m gutted for him and the team because they played well.

“The game should have been put to bed by half-time. We had enough opportunities and chances to do that. And once you don’t do that, it gives them a chance to stay in the game.

“They get an opportunity right at the death and it comes right for them and not for us.

“We played well for the most part so I’m gutted for the players. The lads worked hard and played well. We just should have put it to bed earlier and not give them the chance. But overall we did OK today.”

source: SportMob