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Gundogan wants the team's stars to be the center of attention

Sat 02 January 2021 | 22:03

Pep Guardiola appreciates Gundogan's attempts to push the team up although Gundogan himself does not want to shine and want the other players to experience and enjoy being a star.

Ilkay Gundogan


Manchester City

's 30-year-old midfielder, is now considered an unsung hero in his own team. 

Pep Guardiola

does know about the midfielder's abilities but Gundogan himself does not want the spotlight and prefers other Manchester City stars to be seen and praised.

Already taken 177 appearances for Man City, Gundogan says:

“Someone said to me once I perhaps don’t shine but I allow others to shine, and that’s how I see myself,

“You cannot just build a team of 11 players playing the same type of football and same type of characters and players.

“In the end, there has to be one harmony – one great picture that fits. That’s always the challenge.

“The most successful teams in history were so successful because they had different players playing in harmony.”

He also said:

“Maybe I would disagree [this is my best run of form] because the last few months where we won the league one point ahead of Liverpool, I felt very confident about my personal game,

“That’s a period that still feels really good, not just for myself, but for the team. Maybe with the numbers people think I am better now, but I am honest, numbers are never really important for me in football.

“When I leave the pitch after the final whistle, if I feel I have played as good as I could, when I am happy and proud of what I have done on the pitch, that’s the point I feel comfortable – not if I score one, two goals or whatever.

“You need players who score, but that’s not something I identify with. Obviously, when I am in the region to score goals, I try.”

 Manchester City's next match is against Chelsea which can provide them with four points if they win.

source: SportMob