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Liverpool should sign a quality defender - Former midfielder

Sat 02 January 2021 | 21:30

Defensive line problems this season have caused a lot of trouble for Liverpool.

Danny Murphy believes that if


is looking to sign a transfer defender, they need to sign a defender at the first-team level.

Jürgen Klopp's side is looking to sign a defender after

Virgil van Dijk

, Joe Gomez, and Joel Matip lost to injury. Long-term injuries to Liverpool defenders have allowed the club to use its midfielders in defense, and although they have performed well so far, the Reds have slipped. Rumors have been circulating about the defender's purchase in the winter transfer window.

The former Liverpool midfielder claims that they need to sign a quality defender at the starting line-up level.

He told Stadium Astro: “I wouldn't be saying they should go and get cover.

“I think if they can get somebody they want, have been tracking, they really like and could potentially be a first-team player, yes try and make it happen early.

“But don't go and buy cover, they've got cover. If you're going to go and get someone it's got to be not a panic buy.

“They waited for Van Dijk for probably six months, nine months, they wanted him earlier didn't they and they waited because that was who they wanted.

“So I wouldn't go and get cover, no. If I could go and get someone I really wanted and I really thought could make an improvement to the team, I would try to make it happen in January rather than wait until the summer.

“But that's easier said than done because I imagine the type of player they're looking at will be at Champions League clubs, where they're not going to want to sell. It's a difficult one for Liverpool.

“I'm not privy to being on the training pitch to see the quality of the younger players, how much belief Jurgen Klopp has in them, [Nat] Phillips and [Rhys] Williams, I'm not sure. So we'll have to wait and see.

“My gut feeling is that they will try and get something done in January, that's my gut feeling.”



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