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We ought to admit vaccinated citizens into the stadiums-Dal Pino

Sat 02 January 2021 | 20:32

Serie A President suggests the Italian Government allow those who had the COVID-19 vaccine to attend matches

The president of the Italian Serie A suggested to the country's leaders that the people who received the corona vaccine be allowed to attend the stadiums.

Vaccination has recently begun in Italy, and Dal Pino is looking to reopen stadiums.


I think we ought to be able to admit vaccinated citizens into the stadiums

," he told Rai Radio 1.

"We presented a 300-page plan to the Government on how we can welcome fans back to the stadium in safety, with a reduced capacity of 20-30 per cent, but we didn't receive a single response. Not even a phone call. So I hope at least those who are vaccinated can be allowed in."

It is also suggested that all professional players receive the vaccine to avoid multiple tests.

"That is a Government matter and I will not get into that."

Dal Pino is also looking to launch the official Italian Serie A television network. This can help strengthen teams' broadcasting rights.

"We are very close to a contract and hope to get everything finalised in early January. Calcio is losing €600m this year, so it's obvious that the introduction of 1.7 billion Euros for 10 per cent of the media company represents an important financial relief."



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source: SportMob