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Lee Sharpe defends Harry Maguire against the critics

Sat 02 January 2021 | 18:44

Manchester United’s former player thinks that Maguire is Phenomenal.

Manchester United’s

former player

Lee Sharpe

thinks that the critics have been harsh on

Harry Maguire

and says that he has been an important player for the Red Devils as they keep getting better in defense.

The former United winger told Stadium Astro about Maguire’s importance for the club:

“I think what happened in the summer on his holidays has spilled over a little bit.

“I think he’s had a couple of not so good games and people have picked up on it. But I think the consistency levels since he got to United have been phenomenal.

“He has shored up the defense, he reads the game really well, he can play. You can tell that as a kid he was more of a midfielder than a defender because he’s more of a footballer than just a stopper.

“I think he has been fantastic for the club. Criticism is a bit harsh.

“You go and play for a club like Manchester United, who are one of the biggest in the world, it’s part of the territory. You have to take the criticism.

“You are there to be shot at, but no-one generally criticizes you more than yourself. I think he has handled things well.

“It’s a difficult place to go. Stepping up from any club to go to Manchester United is difficult and I think he’s handled it with class.”

source: SportMob