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Merson is happy with Arsenal’s back to back wins

Sat 02 January 2021 | 17:05

The Gunners’ former star says that Arsenal is back.

Paul Merson

who has been one of the biggest critics of


work is now happy with their recent results as they come from their worst start of their history to important back to back wins against Chelsea and Brighton.

“Arsenal now have two wins on the bounce – how many are they off Liverpool? They can catch them!”

Merson said in the Daily Star


“They are back. If they win against West Brom they will be hunting down Liverpool!

“I'm joking, of course I am but I am pleased to see them back to winning.

“They needed a little bit of luck and they got it against Chelsea with the penalty and then Mikel Arteta put some youngsters in with legs.

“Sometimes when you bring players in they have something to prove and they want to do it for the club.

“I'm really pleased for Arteta to see them get those wins over Chelsea and Brighton.

“You don't become a bad manager overnight like you don't become a bad player overnight.

“What you can do is lose confidence. A player can lose confidence and a manager can lose confidence as well. They seem to have that back now.”



are now standing at the 13


place in the Premier League table and they have the opportunity to pick three wins in a row in their next PL fixture against West Brom on Saturday.

source: SportMob