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Lampard has vowed never to leave Chelsea

Sat 02 January 2021 | 15:12

Lampard is aware of the ambitious expectations and says getting away from them will not be his choice.

Frank Lampard

has vowed never to leave


as he embraces the pressure of a £200 million spending spree.

The inexperienced coach who became the legend of Stamford Bridge is aware of the expectations that exist in London.

What he did as a goalscoring midfielder now he wants to continue as an ambitious coach.

Chelsea reached the

FA Cup

final last season and were among the top for teams, with a title challenge being talked up by many in 2020-21.

Blues are still looking for consistency and questions are asked about those on and off the field, but the coach says that he will never leave the most demanding of posts.

After they take four points from their last five

Premier League

games, Lampard told:

“I enjoy pressure. If I didn’t enjoy it I would not have got back into this, or I would walk away at the first chance, and that’s never ever going to be something that I would do.

“The first person that puts pressure on me is me. I do that all the time, for good and for bad.

“I take it on. I don’t mind it.  That’s how I am. Maybe my wife will tell you how I react to pressure better than I do. But I don’t kick the dog!” 

He added:  

“It doesn’t mean you are always happy. I’m not as happy right now as I was when we beat


last month and we were on a 16 game unbeaten run. That’s normal. 

“But it makes me focus on the job. You learn a lot more in defeat or in tough moments. You have to review more, look at yourself more, look at every little tiny percentage, and I like doing that. That makes you better as a coach and as a person.

“It’s a different level of pressure from when you are a player, and that’s something I had to handle as soon as I stepped into management. Because you take the pressure on from more angles, and rightly so.”

Chelsea will face

Manchester City

in their first game in 2021 on Saturday.





source: SportMob