Arsenal in search of creativity in possible added players

Saturday02 January 2021 | 15:11
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Arteta, seeking creativity in his team now, may be interested in Julian Brandt but there has been no official suggestions yet, according to Michael Zorc.

Losing Houssem Aouar over the summer and Ozil's probable departure in the upcoming summer has got Arteta working so hard to adjust the lack of creativity in Arsenal by adding a new player to the team. Isco is one of the loan targets for the gunners although the first thing to be considered in this specific matter is to see if Arsenal can afford to bring him into the team financially. There also had been talks on Julian Brandt as an option. However, no moves have been made yet to add him to the team. Michael Zorc, Dortmund's sporting director, said: “Nobody has contacted us, there is nothing on the table - and not even in the fax machine.” Brandt has a contract with Dortmund till 2024. Reports claim that arsenal should take some players out to bring in new faces. Arteta, however, is not going to force Ozil out of the team: “We will see what happens in the transfer window and we will assess that at the end,” “You have to respect the player’s contract. What you can do is try to be open with them and tell them your intentions, the role they have in the team and why that is. "At the end, they are entitled to make the decision in their lives because they have a contract here. “Some would like to move because they are not playing, and some would like to stay. At the end that is something we cannot decide.” Follow SportMob for the latest football news.

source: SportMob
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