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If a Martian came to earth, it would see VAR favours Madrid - Laporta

Sat 02 January 2021 | 13:51

The former Barcelona president Laporta, who is the favourite to reign once again, has thrown some criticism Zinedine Zidane’s way.

According to


 presidential candidate

Joan Laporta

, the VAR ruling in favor of


’s side is as obvious as it would be for aliens if they came to earth. On January 24th election, Laporta is the favourite to win as many tend to select him. it appears like Laporta, who was previously in charge between 2003 to 2010, plans to continue criticizing as he put a poster of himself near

Real Madrid


The poster has a sense of humour and irony that can be accepted

,” Laporta said.

It is not to provoke; it is to highlight my profile. I think they have accepted it with humour and sympathy.”

Barcelona are sitting sixth on the

La Liga

table, falling 8 points behind Madrid and lack 10 points from the current titleholders Atletico, and Laporta believes officials have been partially at fault.


If a Martian came down to earth and saw the VAR, they would quickly say that it is in favour of Madrid,

” he said.

Antagonizing Barcelona’s rivals won’t pull them out of the crisis they’re facing at the moment, and Laporta will make some transfer moves should he be elected.

I have my own sporting project. I have three names for the technical secretary. I will not fall into the trap of naming names.

“It is not that I want to avoid the question, it is that the price of the player would rise and our player in that position would suffer a drop in form.

“All the agents are calling me. I know them all and they want me to be president again, but I have told them that I'm not talking about players or coaches for




Regarding the transfer plans he will have if he is elected, Laporta continued: “

The technical secretary would have to inform us. What I would ask the secretary is not to limit himself in his tasks.”

source: SportMob