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West Ham vice-chairman surprised by Premier League pause claims

Sat 02 January 2021 | 13:14

It was suggested that Premier League clubs want the league to be stopped after new Covid-19 cases.

There were some reports last week suggesting that Premier League clubs are discussing the possibility of stopping the league for a while since the latest outbreak of Coronavirus among the clubs. A few matches have been called off because of the new cases. Karren Brady,

West Ham

vice-chairman however, is surprised to hear the claim.


Premier League

has already said it has no plans to pause the season and Brady insists no such proposal has ever been discussed.

"I was confused this week when I read that Premier League clubs were considering a two-week 'circuit breaker' in the season over fears of Covid-19 outbreaks causing chaos,”

she wrote in the Sun.

“It was complete nonsense. It has never been discussed or been raised by any club in any of our multiple Premier League meetings and there are no plans to discuss it.

“Our fixture list is already congested and our priority is to finish the season as long as it is safe to do so. And we all think it is safe to do so.

“All clubs have excellent Covid-19 protocols which allow us play our games behind-closed-doors — and our protocols continue to have the full backing of government.

“Some fixtures have been postponed but this is mainly due to the fact that Public Health England are closing down training grounds, which means that while clubs still have the required 14 players to complete the fixture, they have nowhere to meet, train and prepare for the fixture.

“And that’s simply unfair and wrong so, quite rightly, the Premier League have suspended the game, a decision I fully support.”


source: SportMob