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Scott Parker is looking for a striker

Sat 02 January 2021 | 12:49

Fulham boss says that they are going to sign a new striker.


boss is looking to add a striker to his squad in order for them to get from the relegation zone.

Scott Parker

has talked about their plans for the transfer window focusing on the front line.

Here is what he said about his plans for January transfer window ahead of their burnley clash.

“At the beginning of the year we recognised where we needed strengthening and I thought we did that very well,”

he said


“We have one recognised striker in the building in Aleks (Mitrovic) so of course I think it is an area where we are light and an area where we would look to try and strengthen if we can.

“At the same time, we realize the challenges what January brings and this time even more so because of what we’re in.

“It’s an area where we are light, albeit we have a very, very good centre-forward, I think it’s clear in most squads in the Premier League there’s a bit more in depth there than what we’ve got so we’ll try and do something if we can.”

And about their match against Burnley he added:

“It’s a tough game, Regardless of where you are in the league, it’s always a tough game against Burnley.

“They had a slow start to the season in terms of results but have picked up some good results of late.

“It’s always a big challenge, they’re a team who can make it very difficult for us, Turf Moor has always been a tough place to go.

“They defend their box very well and their set-plays are a key threat. They bring a real energy, everyone understands their roles and where they can hurt teams and cause you problems.

“They’ll make the game uncomfortable at times and we need to be prepared for that the best we can.”

source: SportMob