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Laporta to be the probable Barcelona president

Sat 02 January 2021 | 12:41

The daily sports newspaper Mundo Deportivo ran a poll for the Barcelona presidential election taking place on January 24th and Joan Laporta is probably going to win.

According to the poll,

Joan Laporta

, who was previously in charge from 2003 to 2010, is most likely the favourite to win the election after 52.3% showed their intention in voting for him. Victor Fond with 13.2% sits second and 17.2% haven’t decided yet.

Only a few weeks are left till the election’s day, which is of significant importance to


’s future. Since 2015, Barcelona are struggling for a Champions League title and now they are placed sixth on the

La Liga

table, falling ten points behind.

A crucial matter to take in hand for the future president will be managing

Lionel Messi

, whose contract is due to expire by the end of the campaign, and keeping him is not an easy task.

The pre-candidates can bring their 2,257 signatures before Monday, January 11 to be considered a candidate. Next Friday, candidates will have debates regarding the future of Barcelona.

source: SportMob