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Brendan Rodgers: Our goal is still the European qualification

Sat 02 January 2021 | 9:43

Leicester City boss has insisted that he is not focusing on the Premier League title race.

Leicester City

finished the year in third place of the league’s table. For the second year in a row, the Foxes are starting the second half of the season as they are in the Champions League qualification zone. Unlike the last season, competition at the top four has been very close during the current campaign and Leicester City have spent most of the season in the top four. However,

Brendan Rodgers

is more interested in focusing on his task to keep the team in the Champions League qualification zone than challenging other top teams in a title race. Ahead of his team’s Sunday match against


, Rodgers has spoken about his team’s goals for the rest of the season.

“Our targets won’t change,

“For me I am always honest and our thinking is if we can have European football again next season at this stage of the team’s development, that would be great success for us.

“With all due respect… Manchester City and Liverpool, these are fantastic teams full of experienced players who have been building for a number of years, so we are not at that level.

“That is my assessment of it but we are building something to be as competitive as we can be without the finances that allow those teams to get to that level.

“We will continue on that journey and our ambition is there and the spirit is there. With the players there is a continued development.

“For us to be in that position another year down the line shows that consistency is starting to improve. That is something that pleases me but my ambition is always to be the best that we can be.”

Asked about Newcastle’s coach

Steve Bruce

, Rodgers responded:

“I think from what I see of Steve, he has looked to organise them in a way that doesn’t expose them. The times – even when Rafa (Benitez) was there – they did expose themselves, they conceded goals.

“There is a huge expectation at Newcastle. It is a big club and another one of those clubs where you have to win, but you’ve got to win in a certain way and that is always important in terms of their expectations.

“I think how Steve has managed it in the time he has been there, it was never going to be an easy job but I am pretty sure where they are in table and the points total is as good as what they’ve had in the last few years at this stage.

“This is a guy who has played in teams that played good football so he will always want to go down that route, but he also knows winning and staying in the league is important.

“The longer he is there I am sure he will gradually build the team and get the type of players in he would like to.”

source: SportMob