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‘Pogba has tripped himself up’ - Smith after a Penalty gifted to Utd

Sat 02 January 2021 | 9:19

Aston Villa’s boss fumed at the VAR decision regarding gifting Manchester United with a penalty which resulted in Villa’s loss.

Dean Smith

was furious about the penalty that was handed to

Manchester United

that saw them a 2-1 victory over

Aston Villa

on Friday.

Anthony Martial met the back o the net helping his side lead the game before Bertrand Traore pulled them level. A few minutes later,

Paul Pogba

was fouled, bringing his side a penalty with Bruno Fernandes finding the target from 12 yards.

I thought it was a penalty at the time, but I looked at it after the game and saw he tripped himself. I don't see why [referee] Michael Oliver couldn't have looked at it. That's what VAR is for isn't it?

” he said.

He's tripped himself up. There are margins in football. I've seen it again, and I don't think it's a penalty


He was satisfied with his side’s response given the off-track start.

First half we were miles off it. The first 15 minutes felt like a testimonial,

” he said. “

Then they injected some pace into it and deservedly went ahead.

“I asked for more at half-time and we deserved to get back in the game. Our goalkeeper has had to make some good saves but they were all outside the box.

“We know we're on a good journey at the moment. We believe we've got five key arrivals to go with the players who are Premier League ready now.

“This is only our second season in the division, but competing here and against Liverpool and Arsenal shows our journey is going well so far.”

Villa are sitting sixth on the

Premier League

table. They will have to boost their energy to go against


on January 8.

source: SportMob