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5 Man-City players test positive for Covid-19 ahead of Chelsea clash

Fri 01 January 2021 | 20:19

A number of the Blues players will miss their upcoming match after being forced to self-isolate due to coronavirus.

Manchester City

will miss five of their players when they go to face


for their upcoming match. Among these players are

Gabriel Jesus


Kyle Walker

, who had to go into self-isolation after testing positive for coronavirus, while two of their staff members also were diagnosed to be affected by the virus.

"Five players are out right now,"

Pep Guardiola

told a news conference.

"They are isolated for 10 days, some of the first cases that were released – four people, two players, and three more the second time.”

"I think the Premier League will not allow us to say who but you will see who does not travel and you will know exactly who they are."

The Spanish coach added on the postponement of their


clash due to the overspread of Covid-19, saying:

"We had enough players to play Everton, we wanted to play, but for the day of the game there were more cases and the virus was inside our centre and we informed the Premier League."

"I called Carlo personally to announce the situation, because we could play, but what would happen if we travelled on the coach and more players had it because the day before we were in touch all of us and there would have a risk of Everton players being infected because of us.”

"It was a huge risk. It's not about what happened here at Manchester City, it's what's happening around the world.”

"People are dying all around the world, in the UK as well, over 900 died in the last two days. The problem is still here, but now we’ve disinfected the whole centre and hopefully the next tests are all negative and those who tested positive can come back."

After the match’s postponement, Everton asked City to deliver all of the submitted information to the

Premier League

. And though City insisted on playing the game the decision to cancel the match was due to the concerns over player welfare.

"I prefer the statement of Carlo than the one from the club,"

Guardiola said.

"We spoke with the Premier League, like the one with Mikel Arteta in the first lockdown when he announced he had a positive result, we cancelled the game.”

"We would have loved to play against Everton. We are going to go to Goodison Park when James [Rodriguez], [Luca] Digne, Allan, Richarlison can play. We are going to beat them with all of them.”

"We would have loved to play that game but the Premier League decided wisely for the welfare of everyone, that in two or three days, there are seven people who had tested positive."

Other matches were cancelled in the previous days as well, which led

West Ham

’s manager,

David Moyes

, and



Jose Mourinho

, to question the Premier League decision.

"I’m sorry the most important thing is the welfare of the people they are human beings,"

Guardiola said.

"This is not a joke. You can be positive and nothing or you can be positive and be in trouble. Everyone is involved and you have to be careful.”

"We told them to stay at home, be careful, don’t contact other people. Follow the scientists, try to follow them."

source: SportMob