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Zidane urges for players’ contract renewals before pursuing Alaba

Fri 01 January 2021 | 19:43

The Frenchman hopes the Whites would prioritize Ramos, Modric, and Vazquez before planning to sign a new player.

Real Madrid


Zinedine Zidane

, wants the club to deal with

Luka Modric


Sergio Ramos

, and

Lucas Vazquez

’s contract renewals before negotiating over

Bayern Munich


David Alaba


If Real Madrid fail to agree on a new deal with Ramos, the necessity of signing Alaba would be doubled for the Whites, who currently sit two points behind

Atletico Madrid


"Yes, we all want [contracts to be signed],"

Zidane said.

"We want the situation to be sorted as quickly as possible. It's in everyone's interests, it would be good for everyone, so hopefully it can be sorted out quickly."

Despite emphasizing the importance of the players’ contract extensions, Zidane does not wish to rule out the chances of signing the 2019-20 Champions League winner, who has been linked to several other clubs including

Manchester United


Manchester City



, and

Paris Saint-Germain


Alaba has a similar record to Real Madrid defender,

Raphael Varane

, but if he joins the LaLiga team it is expected that the two players would work together on the pitch.

Zidane added ahead of ther

Celta Vigo


"We've got all our players here. I'm just thinking about the game tomorrow with the players that I have here.”

"Then maybe you're going to ask me about the players that are playing a lot or not playing a lot. We have 22 players, 25 with the goalkeepers, a very big squad.”

"We have enough to think about with the games that we have not to be thinking about players that aren't even ours. Please, we're thinking just about the game tomorrow."

source: SportMob