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I am the happiest man when I am on the pitch-Giroud

Fri 01 January 2021 | 19:35

Giroud has revealed that he does not intend to leave Chelsea in the winter transfer window.

Recently, the French national team's head coach claimed that Olivier Giroud needs to play more in his club team to play in the national team, and he may need to leave Chelsea to achieve this. But the 34-year-old striker stressed in an interview with Sky Sports that he has no plans to change clubs.


Obviously, I am very happy with these numbers. I am the happiest man when I am on the pitch,

" he said.

"We will see what happens in the next few months but I just want to keep my efficiency high. When I am not on the pitch, I just try to be a part of the team.

"I really want the best for this team and I really believe we have a big opportunity to win something at Chelsea with this great squad. I will just carry on like this and try to keep it up."

Meanwhile, the French striker believes his style lends itself to a longer career than the ordinary striker.


My main strength has never been my pace

," he said. "

A scoring instinct is something you have or you don't. A striker can sniff things


"As a striker, if you want to get free from the defender, you have to make a first run and then after that another run. You feint to go to the far post but end up going to the first post. It is all about that movement to get free from your defender to receive the ball.

"It is not random. There is nothing random when you score goals. Never. It cannot be that you are just lucky. You are relentless and resilient. You always keep believing. That is one of the main qualities of a striker. You never stop and you always believe that you are going to score even if you miss the first one or the second one."



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