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We have an opportunity to beat anybody-Lampard

Fri 01 January 2021 | 18:14

Frank Lampard says that there could be some ins and outs in the winter window

After a series of disappointing results and relegation to sixth place in the table, Chelsea will host Manchester City in a vital match at Stamford Bridge Stadium on Sunday night; A race in which winning is very important for Frank Lampard's men and can bring them back to the championship course.

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has revealed that they could sign new players in the transfer window but is in no hurry to do so.


I'm not sure at the moment



Lampard replied when asked how he saw the winter window panning out

. "I have ideas. We have a big squad and we have to see if that changes, if there are opportunities for players that aren't playing so much


"That'll be a conversation between the player and myself and then we'll see if we can strengthen in the right way. But we're not jumping up and down to do so at the moment, my focus this year is purely on work. It's a long month."

Asked which of City's deficiencies Chelsea will be targeting, Lampard said:

“In terms of their weaknesses? I don't see [any]. They are just a very strong outfit, very well managed, they have lots of threats so we will have to focus on ourselves and do our best


“I'm confident in us as a team. I know that when we play at Stamford Bridge, as well as we can, then we have an opportunity to beat anybody. 

“Saying that, City are right at the top, so when we beat them 2-1 after the restart for instance, that was a difficult game that we had to suffer at times because they are such a good possession-based team.

“I'm confident in us, I know we have to be at our best to win because of the level of opposition. But if we're at our best then we can win against any team.”



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