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Wenger won’t turn down an offer from Arsenal

Fri 01 January 2021 | 18:16

The former Gunners boss admitted to being open for a return to the Premier League club with whom he won three League trophies.


former boss,

Arsene Wegner

, revealed that he won’t mind returning to the Gunners one day, but still he believes that this would not be unnecessary. The current FIFA's chief of global football development, who spent more than twenty years with Arsenal, won several trophies before he was removed from his coaching position.

Since his departure Arsenal have failed to see good days with

Unai Emery


Mikel Arteta

and after starting the season in one of their worst ways, Arteta has been under a lot of pressure.

“If I’m needed, I will help them, but I don’t expect that, no,”

Wenger told

NBC Sports


Wenger, who was frustrated by the way his departure was handled by the club, said:

“Time is a good doctor, you know.”

During his time with the Gunners, Wegner won three Premier League cups, seven FA Cup titles, and qualified to one

Champions League


Though Arsenal’s fate seems to be anything but satisfactory so far, Wegner supported


in a talk with


in October, saying:

“Mikel had passion for the game and big motivation, and good focus and a desire to do well. You could see the ingredients there, and he had a grip and influence on the other players.”

“He’s lucky that straight away he got into a big club, in a position where you normally have to work ten years to get in that position, but because he played for the club and was a good player, he got his chance. I wish him well.”

“I left the club in a position for my followers to do better and the club now has the financial resources to win the championship.”

source: SportMob