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Minto thinks that Lampard is not under pressure

Fri 01 January 2021 | 18:01

Chelsea’s former defender thinks that Lampard is not under pressure.

Scott Minto

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under pressure despite Abramovich’s inpatient approach toward the club’s head coaches.

Chelsea’s former defender told Stadium Astro:

“Don’t put pressure on Frank Lampard possibly losing his job.

“People are desperate nowadays around the world, seeing the money that has been spent, everybody wants instant [success]. Everybody wants it now, and it doesn’t happen like that.

“We can’t forget that Frank Lampard is a very inexperienced manager, he is learning as he goes, and you listen to him and he is saying – for example after the Arsenal game - this is about the players not giving enough. He can’t do any more than that.

“He is trying to change things around at the moment and he does need to start winning against top-six sides, of that there is no doubt. But I have no doubt either that he will do that.

“In terms of going forward, I hope he will be the Chelsea manager for the next three or four years.

“There is a history of a lack of patience by the owner.

“I genuinely think that the only time he wanted a long-term manager was when Jose Mourinho came back second time, but he had to get rid of him after what happened.

“I genuinely think this is the next time that he wants a long-term manager. Let’s give the guy some time.

“Last year was never about winning the title and again it is about progression, getting closer to the top two and next year he can go for a try at the title. At the moment it is too early.

“Let’s give him time to develop, and let the players develop. We are talking about players that aren’t playing to their maximum – that’s not down to Frank, that is down to them adjusting to the pace of the Premier League.”

source: SportMob