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Wan-Bissaka surprised with his disciplinary record

Fri 01 January 2021 | 16:34

Wan-Bissaka has received few cards despite him being famous for his ruthless tackles.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka


Manchester United

from Crystal Palace after his brilliant performances as a right-back. His tackling skill is extraordinary and he had the most successful tackles last year. Wan-Bissaka however had a good disciplinary record last year as he didn’t receive many cards considering his record of tackles.

Speaking to United Review about his spotless disciplinary record, Wan-Bissaka said:

“That’s the first time I’ve heard it. But it’s very good to hear, that I have had no bookings against me this season.

“I know you cannot just dive into any tackle. You’ve got to make sure you time it right. It is a case of always concentrating and making sure you are timing them right as well.”

He added on being the Premier League’s top blocker, with Southampton’s Kyle Walker-Peters second on that list some seven efforts off the pace:

“I reckon it’s probably down to there being situations where I’ve needed to tackle but, in that moment, there have been more situations I have had when I have had to block shots and crosses.

“I know there have been times in football where, if you don’t block a shot, it can go in. So the best thing to do is simply to attempt to block every shot and every cross.” 



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