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Mauro Bellugi: ‘now I’m in the rehabilitation phase’

Fri 01 January 2021 | 9:54

Mauro Bellugi is getting better after the amputation of his both legs.




Mauro Bellugi

has explained that there are improvements every day following the amputation of both of his legs due to complications from having COVID-19.

“For now it is going pretty well, it’s a long process but there are improvements every day. As you can imagine it was very hard, but now I’m in the rehabilitation phase,” he said.

He then joked about what his speed will be like when he is wearing prosthetic legs:

“I’ll put on the prosthetic legs and if I don’t beat Oscar Pistorius, I’ll finish second.”

He also talked about his time at Inter.

“When I was at the Nerazzurri I wouldn’t dare pass the midfield, as a defender I had to defend and the attackers had to score.”

He was also asked about his famous goal that he scored in the game against Borussia Monchengladbach.

“I don’t remember the goal against Borussia Monchengladbach too well but I do remember my teammates jumping on me and then I understood what I had done.

“The goal against Borussia Monchengladbach, winning the 1971 Scudetto and the final of the Champions League which we lost to Ajax. It was bad that it happened but playing in finals doesn’t happen often.”

During his time at Inter, he made 137 appearances and after leaving the club, he spent five years at Bologna, and one year at Napoli, and another year at Pistoiese.

source: SportMob