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No surprise for Wilder if Crystal Palace match is called off

Fri 01 January 2021 | 0:03

Sheffield United head coach Chris Wilder has admitted he would not be surprised if the Crystal Palace match on Sunday was postponed due to a rise in COVID-19 cases.

Several Premier League matches have been canceled as the result of

coronavirus outbreak

in the UK, but the Blade's clash with


went ahead on Tuesday despite two players and several members of staff testing positive

The club's players underwent more testing on Thursday and


admitted he would not be surprised if Saturday's match against

Crystal Palace

is not able to go ahead.

"I think the way it's sweeping the country, I wouldn't be surprised,”

Wilder said in response to whether he felt the game against Crystal Palace could be canceled.

“It's starting to grow. Obviously after the Christmas period as well.

"I wouldn't be surprised over the round of testing now that there'll be more positive tests up and down the country in professional football and the Premier League."

There have been suggestions that the season should be paused while cases are high to get the situation under control.

"It's obviously ramped up enormously and the speed of what's been happening over the last eight weeks has changed the situation in the country,”

he said.

“As always, we'll play with a straight bat, we'll do what the Premier League wants us to do."

source: SportMob
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