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Concerns over Ozil's departure from Arsenal

Thu 31 December 2020 | 22:03

Although Arsenal is now seeking creativity in the matches, Ozil is not going to be a part of Arteta's squad.


Mesut Ozil

has not been part of


's Squad in the Premier League, it seems that there is no more a future for him in



Difficulties in the relationship are now making everyone involved with the club worried as Ozil is one of the best players on the team.

Although the form of the team now needs a lot of work and the presence of Ozil could be a big help,


believes that Arteta's decision not to let him play was right. 1979s FA Cup winner said:

“He gave Ozil plenty of chances and he performed for a couple of months.

“Ozil just reverted back to type.

"He's not a good guy in the dressing room; he's not a good guy on the pitch.

“I've no problem with Mikel bombing him.”

After Kolasinac's departure to join Schalke on loan, Ozil is probably heading out of the club as well.

Arteta however predicted such departure and said that January may bring departures from the club.

Summer 2021 will be the end of his contract which is worth £350,000 weekly and any new contract may cost him a pay cut.

source: SportMob