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Gheorghe Hagi praises his son’s team

Thu 31 December 2020 | 19:23

Romania’s legend Hagi says that Rangers is the best team in Europe.

Real Madrid’s former star


has talked about his son’s team


and claimed that they have people talking about them from all over the world.

Here is what Hagi told GSP about his son and his club:

"He signed for Rangers, He has played and will play when the coach thinks he should.

"He's playing every three days in Scotland and I think up to this point he's played the most of all the attacking players. He has the most minutes played.

"He plays for a phenomenal team, the best in Europe. They're the only team not to have lost a match and they've conceded the fewest goals.

"In Great Britain everyone talks only about Rangers. Steven Gerrard has done a good job, the team is united and strong. Ianis has done very well too, he was ranked the best passer in Scotland.

"There's competition at big clubs! I went to Real Madrid and Barcelona, sometimes I played and sometimes I didn't. [Rangers] haven't lost a single match in the league or in Europe. Think about it.

"He feels good there, he has competition and it's not easy to play at Rangers. He wants to and you will see that he will play. The club is satisfied with him, they view him very well.

"He'll grow a lot in terms of mentality over there, in power and playing without the ball. The football there is more direct, stronger. He's going to get better."

source: SportMob