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Raiola denies agreement with Barca over Haaland's transfer

Thu 31 December 2020 | 16:32

Rayola denied any agreement and called the issue 'fake news'.

Mino Raiola has denied any agreement with one of Barcelona's presidential candidates to move


to the Nou Camp.

One year has passed since the transfer of Haaland to Dortmund, and the Norwegian star has had an excellent performance in Dortmund during this period. Clubs such as Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Real Madrid want to sign him. Recently


presidential candidate Emili Rousaud has promised to sign him if he is elected president. Now Raiola has denied any agreement.

"Fake news!"

Raiola said. 

"I’ve never talked to any presidential candidate of Barcelona regarding Haaland or any other of my clients and I will not do that either. 

“If there is a new president of Barcelona elected in January he can call me.”

The Norwegian star has been out of action for several weeks due to injury. It seems that Dortmund will not be able to resist the clubs that want to sign him and will eventually be forced to sell him.



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source: SportMob