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I knew that the referee could give Juve a gift-Fiorentina President

Wed 30 December 2020 | 20:46

Rocco Commisso was afraid the ‘referee would give Juventus a gift’ and ridiculed Pavel Nedved

2020 has not been a good year for Fiorentina. They are 14th in the table with 14 points and feel the risk of relegation to the second division. But in the last game of 2020, they defeated Juventus 3-0.


I watched the game with my wife and I was scared until the third goal, because I knew that sooner or later the referee could give Juve a gift,

" Commisso told Radio Bruno in a very lengthy interview.

"I saw the blondie (referencing Pavel Nedved), who last year told me to drink a nice cup of tea. Well, I hope he had a chamomile tea, seeing as he was so agitated in the stands.

"I saw the determination that I wanted. Everyone was together in the team and gave their all."

Fiorentina players showed little kindness to their former teammate Chiesa, who was on the end of some harsh treatment, and Commisso is not shocked.

"Perhaps they wanted to defend the club and their President. When a player walks out the way he did, well… I can only advise people not to burn their bridges and try to remain humble, but that's not what he did."

The club sacked coach Beppe Iachini In November 2020 to bring in Cesare Prandelli, Although Fiorentina were in the middle of the table last season.

"What everyone needs to understand is that when I bought Fiorentina, they weren't in the top four. I was criticised for saying the objective was just to be in the top half of the table, but why should I say we are targeting a Champions League place when that is not the reality of the situation?

"Everyone wants to achieve great results, but people must give me time and allow me to make some mistakes. What really hurt me was when a few journalists said they hoped we'd lose against Parma so that Iachini would be fired.

"We had ended last season very well, which is why I thought it was right to keep Iachini."

Commisso also spoke about the club's financial problems, which have worsened since the Coronavirus outbreak.

"The Fiorentina revenue has been decimated, thank goodness for my company Mediacom, who put €50-60m in, not counting the money to build the training ground.

"I repeat, Fiorentina need a new stadium. If you don't want me to build it, then you do it with your money and whatever you want. If it's my money, I do what I want with it.

"The Stadio Franchi should be moved, it can't be near to the road. It should be demolished and moved."



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