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Almeyda wants to see Messi in MLS

Wed 30 December 2020 | 19:30

Matias Almeyda says that MLS would be a good place for Messi.

San Jose Earthquake head coach

Matias Almeyda

says that America would be a good place for


and his family and also for his career. The Argentinian has revealed that he has interest in joining Major League too.

“Do you know why I think it's a good idea? Because the U.S. is a big country,”

Almeyda told 90min.

“It has 350m inhabitants, I think. The stars here can walk in peace in the street. Each person who wants a life can enjoy what he likes [and] will live a different life.

“For [Messi], for his children, for his wife, he will be able to walk, to ride a bicycle, he will be able to go to the supermarket. He won't be under that fame that turns you into a slave, you know? That's why I think [USA] could be a good place for him.

“I think that all the players who want to live a normal life, that don't want to get ahead of the line in the supermarket because they are famous, or don't want to go to the bank and get ahead of the line [can play here].

“In that way, you turn to be a normal human again. All the players that want to be normal pick this place.”

source: SportMob