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Pat Bonner talks about Celtic’s win

Wed 30 December 2020 | 18:39

Celtic hero talks about their improvements in different aspects.



important win against


their former star has talked about the aspects of their win that no one sees.

Pat Bonner

thinks that the most significant point in their victory was their midfield rather than their defense or attack.

He said on Sportsound:

“What Celtic did so well today that I think has been missing is that they had a good reaction every time they lost the ball. They won it right back so many times. They went about hunting in packs.

“They are beginning to find that form, but they not only need to get the three points, they also need to ask questions of Rangers.

“There are still question marks defensively. Dundee United, who weren’t in the game for long periods, still created a couple of really good chances.

“I think the introduction of the younger players has almost asked questions of those who thought they deserved to be in the team every week, and that’s stirred them up also.”

Celtic’s 3-0 victory against Dundee was their sixth consecutive victory and their third consecutive clean sheet. They have scored at least two goals in their last six matches. Many pundits have been talking about their improvements and the difference has been pretty obvious.

source: SportMob