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Agusti Benedito: ‘The best news would be for Messi to stay’

Wed 30 December 2020 | 18:28

Agusti Benedito is not hopeful about Messi’s future at the club.

Agusti Benedito

, who is a pre-candidate for


’s upcoming presidential elections, presented his electoral program today.

His main focus was on reducing the club’s expenses by €200m, however,


was not included in any cost-cutting measure. As it seems, Messi is too important for Benedito.

“We have to have a franchise player because of how the industry itself works,” he said. “Sometimes the player with the highest salary is the one who works out the cheapest. You have to have such a player and this reduction in the salary bill will always have an exception, which is the franchise player.”

Benedito believes Messi should be the only person who decides about his future at the club.

“He’s a player who’s spent more than 20 years at the club and loves Barcelona. I don’t see another like him.”

He also said that he is pessimistic about Messi’s future at the club.

“I’m very pessimistic about Messi’s future,” he said. “I would have liked him to say in the interview with Evole that he would be excited to stay but he did not say so. We’ll have to see. The best news would be for him to stay.”

Messi sat out Barcelona’s 1-1 draw against Eibar on Tuesday as he was nursing a knee complaint.

source: SportMob