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We have a tradition for it-Solskjaer on Rashford's last-gasp goal

Wed 30 December 2020 | 7:07

Marcus Rashford's last-minute goal took Solskjaer's side to within two points of Liverpool

Manchester United came close to the top of the table with a difficult victory over Wolverhampton. Solskjaer believes that his team was lucky to win this game but at the same time he is happy that his men were able to win at Fergie Time.


Bit lucky, bit flukey, but that's what happens when you put teams under pressure

," Solskjaer told BBC Sport after the game.

"It was a point we brought up early in the season in a meeting. We didn't win many points towards the end of games and we have a tradition for it at this club.

"That has happened so many times at that end, and now we have won quite a few points towards the end of games, and that is both a mental and physical aspect.

"We've got a group now that is more robust both mentally and physically. We have gone through some tough training periods, played loads of games, and they are getting fitter and fitter.

"The fitter you are, the more you can do. But mentally as well, it gives you a boost knowing you can win games towards the end."

Manchester United's previous games against Wolverhampton have not been easy, and this is the first time that Solskjaer's side have beaten Wolves in the Premier League.

Given the good results Manchester has achieved in recent games at Old Trafford, hopes of winning the title have increased, but Solskjaer says his team needs to focus.


We didn't perform as well as we want to, but we won a game against a very difficult side to play against

," he said.

"It's the first league in the win for me against them. There have never been many goals in the games, but for me, this is a big step forward, that you don't play well but you win.

"We just focus on the next game. I am very boring but we cannot get too far ahead of ourselves. We have got to a decent position at the moment, but the season hasn't even reached halfway.

"The year has been positive in terms of results. It's a group that are now physically and mentally ready to go up the table."



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