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Arteta believes that Lacazette did a great job against Brighton

Wed 30 December 2020 | 1:46

Although Arteta praised Lacazette, he still says that Lacazette must work on his skills and improve himself.



.<a href="https://sportmob.com/en/player/5c4051d646b6a23de80015cd/Alexandre-Lacazette/overview">


 scored the winning goal for 


 in less than 30 seconds after coming off the bench


believes that this is what every manager wishes for. However, he must still improve his scoring skills.

Arteta said:

“I think this is what all the managers dream of, to bring people from the bench and win you the game like he’s done tonight,

“I think he’s been in really good form in the last few weeks. He’s been scoring goals. He’s full of confidence. Today he had a sore back, he could not start the game. But he came on and won the game for us which is massively important.

“We need big players and the senior players to step up in these difficult moments and he’s doing that for sure. Front players need their team-mates to support them and put them in situations like he had today as often as possible. But at the same time, they have to step up and create these opportunities themselves.

“I think Laca is working very hard. Since I’ve been here his work has never been an issue. His goalscoring record could improve and but it’s improving because he’s so willing to do it for us also.”

He also praises the way Lacazette scored:

 “The counter-movement he made to create the space for himself, the touch and the finish. I think it was a brilliant goal.

source: SportMob