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Nicky Devlin believes No ‘big overhaul’ behind Livingston revival

Tue 29 December 2020 | 18:30

Lions full-back Nicky Devlin claims they have not had to change much.

Ever since David Martindale took over as Livingston's manager, his team has achieved great results and has won six games, but Lions full-back Nicky Devlin believes that they have not changed much.

Devlin said before Wednesday's match against Aberdeen Aberdeen: "

We knew there wasn't much we had to change


"We weren't getting the rub of the green at times and that happens when you are down the bottom, you don't get a decision here or there, or a wee bit of luck.

"The St Mirren game here, they scored from a deflected goal from a corner.

"We knew we didn't have to change much, it wasn't going to take a big overhaul to get us going.

"You have seen that, the performances haven't been too dissimilar to what they were at the start, but now we are picking up points."

Livi's latest victory came after a fightback at Kilmarnock on Boxing Day after the hosts took the lead from the spot when Devlin was penalized for handball.


Kevin Clancy, the referee, said to me it was to do with the new rule

," Devlin said.

"It hit my elbow and it probably was stopping the ball from going in, so I don't really think the referee had much choice in the end with the rules the way they are.

"From my point of view, I thought I was less than two yards away from him and I slipped on to the ground, and it wasn't as if I was making myself bigger. My arms were beside my stomach."

Devlin spoke of the need to change the rules: "

Even if it's just to do with close proximity. (Kirk) Broadfoot was two yards away and hit the ball fairly hard. I couldn't really do much


"Listen, it didn't really affect us. If anything it probably kicked us on in the end."



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