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‘ a bit of rollicking’ led to the victory of City, says Jamieson

Tue 29 December 2020 | 15:17

Captain Scott Jamieson believes that ‘a bit of rollicking’ from head coach Patrick Kisnorbo turned Melbourne City’s fortunes around against Brisbane Roar.


stopped 0-0 after a stunning performance in the first half at Dolphin Stadium in their


2020-21 opener against the



Connor Metcalfe

scored a goal seven minutes after the interval and led to City’s win despite

Adrian Luna

’s 69


minutes' red card.


revealed that


sent the beaten 2020 Grand Finalists out with stern instructions to buck up their ideas and his words resonated.

“The first half we were poor from our standards, from last year and the pre-season, so there was a bit of a rollicking

,” said Jamieson.

“I don’t think it was his biggest rollicking, he might save that for the rest of the year, but there was enough in it to really get us up and about.

“We need to be better at [that]. We can’t allow teams to have a chance like that.”

Kisnorbo was manager of the City’s under 20 and Women’s team before being selected as an assistant and given the opportunity to replace coach Erik Mombaerts.

And his quad has a slow start to the 2020/21 campaign down to opening day jitters.

“It’s the first game, I’m sure the players would have had a lot of nerves

,” Kisnorbo told FOX Sports.

“We were a bit sloppy. Sometime we nearly paid for that. Credit to the players, we came out second half fighting and got the result in the end.”

Tom Aldred


Brisbane Roar

captain, cut a disappointing figure but he blames themselves for not achieving the result in Redcliffe.

“That’s football. You can opportunities in games like that, you’ve got to take them,”

the Roar’s captain said.

“[We had] a couple of big opportunities I thought. 

“That was the difference, they took their opportunities and we didn’t’ so it’s frustrating.”







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source: SportMob