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Ferdinand believes money is not the solution to defensive problems

Tue 29 December 2020 | 15:39

Former Manchester United captain said that all the team has to do is to note fine details and to strengthen the relationship between themselves.


Rio Ferdinand


Manchester United

's former Captain, believes that the team's defensive problems are not going to be solved by spending money and instead of paying much money to bring in an additional player, the team must focus on “finer details”.


's side scored twice against


but managed to get out of the King Power Stadium with only 1 point.

It is the time in all the away league matches that United has lost points.

This defensive problem however is said to be solved by entering a transferred player. However, Ferdinand believes that the current set of the team can improve themselves and some little details are not considered or forgotten 

He added that he does not mean that the coach or staff are not doing that at that moment. but sometimes they just forget to check these tender details.

About these delicate details, he added a memory of him and

Edwin van der Sar

in the play:

"it took me back to when we used to play and I would always say to Edwin, ‘When you see me going out to someone one-v-one, or on the edge of the box, I will try and stand in a certain place and wherever I stand, you stand opposite to it, you react off where I stand’.

“So if I was going out to say, Fernando Torres, on the edge of the box, I know he’s right-footed, I’m going to make sure that he can’t hit it back between my legs. So he can down the right-hand side, keep pushing down the right-hand side, and get a shot off, but I’m going to allow you to shoot near post, that’s fine, but not back through my legs, I’m going to block that.

This harmony, he believes, is the key to win a game. 



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