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Mills talks about Premier League’s politics

Tue 29 December 2020 | 13:28

Danny Mills asks Premier League to change their approach toward COVID-19.

Manchester City’s

former defender says that

Premier League

must be more open about league’s schedule considering the current situation and the COVID-19 outbreak.

Danny Mills

told Sky Sports:

“I think the issue is at what point do we start to cancel games, what are the protocols? Is it four players out? Is it five? Is it six? Is it backroom staff?

“I think what we need, and we never really had it with the Newcastle issue, is a bit of transparency and we need the Premier League to come out and say why the game was called off.

“I think Everton are a little bit upset and miffed that the game was called off at such late notice. They haven’t really been given too many reasons because of that and I think that’s all it needs. The Premier League just needs to come and say ‘look, the game was called off because of x, y, z,’ whatever it might be.

“Even if they have to take it on a case-by-case basis when this happens [again] because it is going to happen as we move forward and this virus mutates and starts to change and all these types of things.

“People just want to know what the parameters are and when games are likely to be called off.”


source: SportMob