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Robinson has Alex Dyer's back regarding the racial abuse

Tue 29 December 2020 | 12:45

Stephen Robinson assured Alex Dyer that he has all the support he needs from the football community following the racist letter the Kilmarnock boss received.


have taken the matter to the Police Scotland to further identify the people behind the letter which he received after the defeated battle against





Stephen Robinson

announced that his total support regarding the racism ahead of the Wednesday clash against

Alex Dyer

’s side and insisted that it is “simply not acceptable.”

The Kilmarnock manager has previously been subjected to a death threat to his children, said: “

I find it incomprehensible that people do that kind of stuff.

“It’s the modern society we live in. Abuse in any form is not acceptable.

“I think in general football managers are seen as fair game for some reason. You can say what you want, do what you want and no punishment seems to happen in general and obviously the racist element is just not acceptable in this day and age.

“It is 2021 we are going into not 1821 and I find some of the abuse unbelievable. Hopefully we can stamp it out.

“We fully support Alex and the football community is completely behind him, but so should society be.

“As I say, it seems to me you can say what you want about football managers, their families, abuse them, do what you want to do. But no form of racism or abuse is acceptable.

“We are going into 2021 and it would be nice to start the year with some positivity and not with the mindless idiots involved


Killie have not been on the right track in the last five games as they were defeated consecutively and Motherwell are running on a spell of eight games without a win. However, Robinson is optimistic.

He said: “

The last three games we were very good. Defensively we were very, very good against Rangers (lost 3-1).

“It is amazing that other people do that and get lauded as tactical geniuses and we are the scourge of football when we try to be defensive.

“We had a great performance against Aberdeen who are in third place and a dominant performance against Dundee United who are in fifth place, if I am right in saying.

“(These are) Big budgets, big football clubs, so we are not too far away.

“If we keep playing like that, keep that desire and energy and hunger and create those amount of chances we will be fine.”

source: SportMob