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Zaniolo: ‘I will come back calmly’

Tue 29 December 2020 | 10:05

Nicolò Zaniolo is still in recovery from his last knee surgery but is certain that he will be back for Euro 2020.



Nicolò Zaniolo

has already undergone two knee surgeries as he got injured two times, first in the game on January 12 against Juventus in Serie A and second in the game against the Netherlands in a Nations League with Italy.

It is expected that he will be ready to train with his team next month.

Zaniolo has said that he is not ‘in a hurry’ to but he will be back for Italy in Euro 2020 next summer.

“I’m not in a hurry, I’m working well,” Zaniolo said. “Every day I come to Trigoria.

“After the last visit to Innsbruck, the workload will increase and when the right and left leg have the same strength and my head will be ready, I will come back calmly.

“I have a career ahead and we can’t force anything or get caught up in the desire to play two or three games.

“The career is at stake, the future. More or less April. At the most. In time for the European Championship.”

Roma brought Zaniolo in July 2018 from Inter and then extended his contract until 2024.

Zaniolo is ‘delighted to be at the Giallorossi’ and thanks Inter for transferring him to Roma.

“I think Inter always need players who are ready,” he said. “Already prepared and maybe at that moment, I wasn’t.

“It was their choice, but I thank them for transferring me to Roma. They let me arrive in a splendid city like this and in a solid club.

“Playing here is great, for the fans, for the city. I’m delighted to be at the Giallorossi.”

source: SportMob