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Justin Johnson comments on the upcoming match with his cousin

Mon 28 December 2020 | 23:58

He clarifies that he had been more thinking about recent disappointments of his team than this match.

Justin Johnson

, 24, will be playing against his cousin,

Jeremie Frimpong

, when

Hamilton Accies


Cetic F.C.

in this Boxing Day.

It is the first time in the history of their career to play against each other.

Johnson says that this match is not going to affect their friendship in anyways nor their friendship will affect their duties as a player in this match:

“He is my little cousin. I do chat with him but we haven’t spoken much about the game, to be honest. I think we both just want to get on the pitch and do what we do and then after that we can be friends again. “I have never actually played .against him. This will be the first time

"Before training went back we would do pre-season together [as kids] but we were never at the same clubs – he was at Manchester City and I was at United when I was younger so we have always been rivals."

However, it seems like Celtic is now dealing with greater issues as it has demanded police escort on their way out of the dressing room due to the fans protests on lennon's position in the team as it is so fragile now.

Johnson also is so concerned about his own team after the game against libingston but he believes that it is time to move on and focus on the upcoming match.

source: SportMob