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Lampard doesn’t blame the team for the draw

Mon 28 December 2020 | 21:54

Chelsea boss talks about their performance against Aston Villa.


head coach

Frank Lampard

says that he can’t ask more from his players despite an unsatisfying draw against

Aston Villa


Lampard was mad at his players after their 3-1 defeat against Arsenal but now says that he can see a positive reaction in his team.

"Definitely, in terms of performance. We started really well, Villa had their moments but we dealt with them and came through the first half really strong. We got a goal we deserved,"

he told Amazon Prime after the match


"Second half, we conceded with a man on the floor, that's the way it is for us at the moment. We pushed but couldn't break the deadlock. Attitude-wise, effort-wise, some of the play was very good against a really good team.

"Late on we got some chances and nearly scored, when you're in a tough moment sometimes things don't quite go for you. A month ago we win that. We have to fight through it.

"I can't ask for more from the players today. No one let me down, everyone worked hard, we didn't get the rub of the green."

He has also talked to Match of the Day about the match saying:

“They're a tough opponent, but we had really good chances,

“I think there was a handball before the goal right next to the linesman. When you’re having a tough moment like we are, sometimes that goes against you. That last bit wasn’t quite there today because we haven’t got the rub of the green at the minute.

“The response was exactly right other than the win. We had a couple of little chances. It felt like the pressure was coming from us. This is our tough period at the moment. We have to fight for it and we’ll be stronger for it.

“You want to get results at this point of the year. I could feel the players' disappointment at the end because they want to win.

“A few weeks ago people were talking about us as title challengers, now it's a difficult period. The new players are going to get better as they come along.”

source: SportMob