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Schneider: Bundesliga is a marathon, not a sprint

Mon 28 December 2020 | 21:11

Schalke’s sporting director Jochen Schneider talks about the skills the new manager has and insists there is a long way to the end of the season.




worked together to get VfB


out of the relegation zone eleven years ago and he is aware of the new manager’s skills and ability.

“I’m convinced that Christian Gross’ personality, his expertise, his leadership ability, and his experience are what’s needed in order to help us reach our goal of staying up.”

Gross took over at VfB in December 2009 with the side in 15th place of the table and the Swabians ended their season in sixth.  And his experience in lifting a team from the bottom of the table made him the right choice to take over Schalke.

“It’s definitely an advantage that we have worked together already in the past. I know how Christian works, how he ticks, his leadership style, and how he tries to focus on getting the team to play football during such a difficult situation,”

said Schneider


With 21 matches left to go this season, Schneider believes Bundesliga is rather a marathon than a sprint.

“Instead, it’s a marathon that we have to tackle together. Christian Gross’ vast experience means that he knows exactly how to give players their confidence back,”

said Schneider


source: SportMob