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Kovacic defends Havertz against the critics

Mon 28 December 2020 | 15:12

Kovacic thinks that Havertz will improve and become a key player for Chelsea.


thinks that his teammate will become an important player for the


once he adjusts to the club and the competition and that he is a talented player no matter what the critics say about him.

"I like Kai Havertz a lot,"

the Croatian midfielder told Chelsea's official website.

"He is such a talented player. He is a great signing for Chelsea. He will be a huge player for Chelsea and for world football, I’m sure of that.

"He has huge potential. He is such an elegant player. He just needs to learn to play in the Premier League, that’s all. It’s a difficult league with a huge tempo, and he will get used to it. Game by game he is getting better so I have no fear for Kai."

Kovacic also talked about his other teammate

Mason Mount

and claimed that he wants to learn from his and


mentality and manners.

"Mason has a great desire to work, his attitude is great and he is very talented,"

he added.

"It’s a normal thing he is doing so good because I saw last year his talent.  We like to talk. They can give me tips as well. They are both better goal scorers than me so I can look to them.

"It’s not about the age. Every player has his attributes. We talk and we can learn off each other. For me, I want to become better every game. I can still improve and be better in some parts of games which I’m trying to do. I can improve a lot and I’m sure I will be even better as the season goes on."

source: SportMob