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SporMob’s exclusive animated series

Mon 28 December 2020 | 13:04

With owning several animation and gaming studios, Infinite8, a gaming and IT Solutions Company based in Dubai, is looking to develop localized apps and games to boost the region's growing online gaming industry.

Infinite8 as the mother company of several startups owns several animations and game studios, specialized in producing exclusive animations and games for their applications and website. The studios in which the games and the toons are made have high-quality devices with professional experts working on the projects.

 “Our goal is to be an example of startups in Dubai. We are already ahead of our plans in our beta test phase, but the most important thing for us is to stay determined and stick to our visions and at the same time be flexible and open to new opportunities. We are only at the beginning of our journey and from now on we will surprise our users by new and interesting features every day,” said Hamidreza Fathalian, infinite8 CEO, commenting on the launch of SportMob.

 Among several projects the Infinite8 team has been working on, SportMob Toons is the top-notch (one of the best). As it is relatively clear this toon has been exclusively produced for one of Infinite8’s projects called SportMob. With releasing 3 seasons including 52 episodes of this toons, the team tries to aiming football stars’ lives around the world mixed with a little bit of fun and top trending news.

 Providing its own content, SportMob as an animation and gaming studio puts its effort on keeping the fans from all around the world updated and entertained at the same. With a team consists of professional experts, SportMob designed an exclusive football-based application that aims at providing the latest news of the football world, live scores, football-themed games, and the exclusive animated series.

 “We have set a goal to support and entertain our users, by keeping football live with our SportMob cartoon series. We have 250,000 users and the number is rising rapidly on the app”, said Hamidreza Fathalian, the founder of SportMob and Infinite8, in an interview with The National.

With a team consists of 40 young but professional experts in different fields such as music production, animating, composing, and directing, SportMob Toons releases several episodes per week. This 2D cutout animation is produced from A to Z in one of the specialized studios of Infinte8. Normally it takes 3 days to produce one episode of SportMob toons. At the beginning of the line, the production flow starts from structuring the idea of the story and ends at the composition of the episode. There are a few steps in between: Story reeling, animating, composition, and music production are some of them. 

 With the help of young but professional experts, the SportMob team tried to change the way the users perceive sports content and redefine the rules of the game to make things more joyful for sports audiences across the globe. In creating the story of each episode, the attention is on mixing football stars' lives with trending news of nowadays. Using the idea of the popular series “La Casa De Papel”, creating fantasy stories of real occurrences like Suarez biting Chiellini is just a little part of the idea of this toons. Till now 52 episodes of the football-themed toons are published. The second season of this animated series which is basically about “LaCasa De Papel”, has been the most-watched and the best professionally made among other seasons.

 At first, they write a general story of each episode. No exact details are included in this storyline. After confirming the story the experts will make a storyboard with a little detail which is mostly some pictures of different scenes and plans. The next step is to make the pictures dynamic. Simple pictures with no specific details and colors become dynamic. After this part, it is the designing time. This stage includes adding colors and details to everything visual on the screen. The next step is for animators to make the work a little more real. After animating it is time for composition and music production for each episode. The timing would be fixed in composition and the right music will be produced for each scene. Using the applications named Cubase and Ableton the composers will make the sounds and the music. It takes 9, 10 hours to compose for a 2 minutes episode.

As a great feature, SportMob has its own team of expert animators who provide the content for different social media such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. The content being produced by this team is so exclusively special that it could gain a considerably huge amount of attention. The number of TikTok followers is a proof for this claim. At the moment SportMob has 112K followers and its raising rapidly. 

As you know animating play a great role in gaming industry as well. Considering the expertise this team puts in what they do, there is a great future ahead of them. Mr. Fathalian says he wants "to bring his 20-plus years of experience" in the animating, gaming, app, and web development industry to the region "through localization in line with UAE’s vision and diverse culture".

The next episode of this animated series is going to be about one of the biggest and challenging transfers in the football history. You don’t want to miss it!

source: SportMob