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Petr Cech celebrates 170th clean-sheet anniversary

Mon 28 December 2020 | 11:32

On this day five years ago the goalkeeper succeeded in making his 170th clean-sheet appearance against Bournemouth.

In 2015 and on such day, former



Petr Cech

, earned his 170th clean-sheet with the Gunners after their 2-0 win over Bournemouth. After spending 11-years of his career with


, Cech succeeded in recording 162 clean-sheet appearances with the Blues and following his 8th performance with Arsenal he reached 170 games without receiving a goal out of his 352 Premier League matches.

“It’s a great personal achievement and I felt really proud at the end of the game because if you look at the names in the clean-sheet numbers and you see all those fantastic goalkeepers who had been playing and are still playing in this league then obviously it is a great achievement to top the list,”

said Cech at the time.

Cech stepped down from his goalkeeping career in 2019 after Arsenal’s defeat to Chelsea in

Europa League

final in Baku to later join Chelsea’s boardroom as Frank Lampard took charge of the team’s management.

Cech recently appeared in one of

Chelsea under-23

games to protect their target since he was named to be on the team’s squad in case of an emergency.

source: SportMob