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‘It makes me laugh’ WSW coach hits back at poaching claims

Mon 28 December 2020 | 10:45

During recent weeks a number of top players from other A-League teams have unexpectedly joined Western City Wanderers.

Western City Wanderer

’s coach 

Carl Robinson

 has been facing poaching claims by other A-League teams as they have been able to sign some of the league’s top players during the recent weeks. James Troisi terminated his contract with 

Adelaide City 

earlier this month and signed a two-year contract with WSW the day after. Western City had reportedly promised Adelaide to not pursue the player and their attitude attracted a lot of criticism. However, this was not the only controversial transfer by Wanderers as only a few days later a similar incident happened with former 

Newcastle Jets

 player Bernie Ibini. However, Carl Robinson says there are deeper reasons why these players have decided to join WSW.

"It makes me laugh,

"James in Adelaide - he's a good person, a good player. He had a contract there. If they wanted to keep him there, I'm sure he'd still be there. So it's not always what it (seems) on the outside.

"The same situation with Bernie. People say people have got contracts, but there's always a reason why a player leaves - like I said with my No.1 goalkeeper (Sweden's Daniel Lopar who left for family reasons).

"Whether it's family issues, whether the coach might be the problem, whether it's a salary cap reduction, whether it's a personal salary reduction that they're talking about - there are reasons.

"It's not just as simple as, 'Oh, James Troisi signed for Robbo because Robbo was tracking him in 2015'.

"There's a reason behind it, and once you get the reason behind it and you understand why, you'll realise it was the right move for James, and the right move for Adelaide as well."

source: SportMob