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Wilder: ‘Sheffield United have got nothing to lose’

Mon 28 December 2020 | 10:43

Sheffield United’s boss reminds his squad that they have ‘nothing to lose’ is fighting to avoid the relegation zone in the Premier League.

Sheffield United

have not won a single battle in this season of the

Premier League

which makes them the third team after Burnley and Bolton to have done so reaching the Boxing Day. The Blades were defeated 13 times and drawn two games out of 15 matches. However,

Chris Wilder

is not ready to admit defeat and abandon the struggle.

Despite the anticipations of their drop by many, the Blades manager believes it is not too late to turn things around.

We’ve got nothing to lose; everybody in the game will look at our position and say we’re buried,

” said Wilder.

So there’s nothing to lose, we might as well go for it and that’s my message to the players. And they have to take that on board.

“There’s loads more pressure on the teams above us, and there really shouldn’t be any pressure on us.

“People over the last two or three years wouldn’t have expected us to do what we’ve done.

“We’re only going to do it with players who can show a strength of character and a freedom to try to express themselves, and to be able to say ‘what’s the worst thing that can happen’.

“Well, yes, everyone knows what the worst thing that can happen is – but the best thing that can happen is that you come out of this having defied incredible odds.

“And then all those critics and statistics get chucked out of the window, and they have to take that on board.”

Sheffield United are set to face


Tomorrow fighting to get back.

We’re always underdogs, this club always has been – and we thrive on that,

” said Wilder.

But the players have got to play in a fashion that gives you an opportunity of winning games.

“We’re still striving and we’re still desperate for that one big performance, that one big result.”

source: SportMob