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Messi: ‘How do we pay Paris for Neymar?’

Mon 28 December 2020 | 9:09

The Argentina international is doubtful that Barcelona can afford to move Neymar back, notwithstanding the speculations surrounding his link.

Lionel Messi

is certain that


’s return to


will not be possible due to financial difficulties. The Brazilian moved to

Paris Saint-Germain

in 2017 with a world-record price tag of €222 million and Barcelona are trying to transfer him back to reunite with his former team-mate, Messi.

The Brazil international has expressed his wish to rejoin his former team, however, his future is yet to be discussed.

The Barcelona forward has revealed his doubts on the move during an interview.


How do you pay Paris for the transfer?

" Messi asked. "

It is not easy, it will be a difficult situation for the new president. He will have to be very intelligent, get everything in order and make many changes to make it go well.

"It will also be difficult to bring in players because we need money and there is no money. There are several important current players we need to fight again for everything and you have to pay them."

when asked about Neymar’s interest in reuniting with Messi, he added: "

He didn't say, 'Let's play,' he said, 'I'd like to play' … right?

"Yes, we talk from time to time. The three of us either with him or with Luis [Suarez] every day. We maintain the relationship


Messi also had speculations risen surrounding his relationship with

Antoine Griezmann

following the France international’s uncle criticizing the Argentine star. However, Messi denied any quarrel with his team-mate.


The relationship is good, I already said it,

" Messi insisted. "

I never had problems with him and I never did everything that was said, that I did not want his signing and all that, I think it was more than clarified.

"I have no problems, the relationship is good and sometimes we drink mate together in the dressing room and on trips. There is no kind of anythin


source: SportMob